89% Debt reduction

87% Cash flow increase

96% Payment ease

98% Bankruptcy prevention

18+ Years of combined experience

We offer proven solutions to get you out of debt and back on track to financial wellbeing

Feeling overwhelmed by debt? You're not alone. At Coastal Debt Solutions, we understand the stress and uncertainty that come with financial burdens. Our dedicated team of debt relief experts is here to provide personalized guidance and support, helping you navigate your options and regain control of your finances.

Trusted & Recognized

Understand Your Financial Benefits

Save money

We negotiate with creditors to reduce the amount you owe, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

Lower interest rates

Our experts work to lower interest rates on your debts, making them more manageable and affordable.

Consolidate debt

Simplify your finances by combining multiple debts into one lower monthly payment, making it easier to track and pay off your obligations.

Your Trusted Partner in Debt Relief

At Coastal Debt Solutions, we believe everyone deserves a fresh financial start. We provide more than just debt solutions; we're your advocates, your guides, and your partners on the path to financial freedom. We understand the emotional and practical burdens of debt, and we're here to offer compassionate, personalized solutions that work for you.

Empathy and Understanding

We've walked in your shoes and know the challenges you're facing.

Proven Results

Our track record speaks for itself – we've helped thousands of individuals and families overcome debt.

Client-Focused Approach

Your goals are our goals. We're dedicated to finding the right solutions for your unique situation.

3 Simple Steps to Debt Freedom

Free Consultation

Start your journey with a free consultation! We'll listen, understand, and assess your financial situation to create a personalized plan.

Personalized Debt Relief Plan

We'll create a personalized plan to tackle your debt, explaining your options clearly so you can make the best decisions for your financial future.


We'll implement your plan, negotiate with creditors, keep you informed, and support your journey to financial.

Why Choose Coastal Debt Solutions

At Coastal Debt Solutions, we're more than just a debt solutions company – we're your dedicated partners in achieving financial well-being. Here's why we stand out:

Personalized solutions

We tailor debt relief plans to your unique situation, ensuring a solution that fits your life.

Proven Results

Countless helped. Debt conquered. Stability regained.

Transparent Communication

Clear communication. Stay informed with progress updates.

Compassionate Support

Debt stress? We understand. Get compassionate support on your journey to financial freedom.


I was drowning in credit card debt and felt like there was no way out. Coastal Debt Solutions was a lifesaver. They created a personalized plan that I could actually manage, and their team was always there to answer my questions and offer support. Thanks to them, I'm finally debt-free and have a brighter financial future.

- Sarah L.

I was skeptical about debt relief companies, but Coastal Debt Solutions exceeded my expectations. They were honest and transparent throughout the entire process, and they really fought for me. They were able to negotiate lower payments with my creditors and even got some of my debt forgiven. I'm so grateful for their help.

- Mark T.

Frequently asked questions

We create personalized debt relief plans that address your specific financial situation. This might include negotiating with creditors to reduce the amount you owe, consolidating debts, or exploring other strategies to make your debt more manageable. We’ll work with you every step of the way to find a solution that works for you.

The length of the debt relief process can vary depending on your unique situation and the specific strategies employed. However, many clients start seeing results within a few months. We’ll give you a realistic timeline based on your individual circumstances.

Some debt relief options, like debt settlement, can have a temporary impact on your credit score. However, the long-term benefits of resolving your debt and achieving financial stability often outweigh the short-term impact. We’ll discuss the potential impact on your credit and help you make informed decisions.

Yes, we are a legitimate debt relief company with a proven track record of helping clients achieve financial freedom. We’re transparent about our fees and services, and we’re committed to providing ethical and effective debt relief solutions.

Your Path to Financial Freedom Starts Now!

Contact Coastal Debt Solutions today for your free consultation. We're ready to help you break free from debt and reclaim your financial peace of mind.

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